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 "We have had Mike Petersen from Clean Avenue Window Cleaning power wash our house several times in the past few years. He is very personable and has a reputable business. He has always done a fantastic job on our home, shed, gutters and windows. He is also very reasonable. I highly recommend him and his business to those of you who are looking for a good power washing business.

He is definitely a 5-Star Business!!!"

                                                           Marvin and Barbara Lewis
                                                           Wake Forest, NC

"Neighbors-I recently reached out for rec's for a window washer--we live in an older ranch in Meredith Woods that we have been remodeling off and on for a while--but one area we haven't spent a ton of time doing is the windows--the insides I get pretty often and even the sills too--the outsides were a mess. Cobwebs, old storm windows and all--just a mess. Not sure in the 10 years we have been here that we have thoroughly done the outside really. Michael Petersen of CleanAv came out yesterday and was outstanding. 

My windows are beautiful and literally sparkling! Part of what made this job so tough was that some of the storm windows were older and needed to be removed and the 'inside of the inside' needed to be cleaned well. On top of that--Michael power washed and cleaned around the gutters and got our front and back stoop done too.  

Looks fantastic.

He arrived on time, stayed to complete the job, was conscientious to detail and did a GREAT job. I highly recommend him.  His info: Mike@cleanAv.INFO, or   Fantastic Job. :)"  5 Stars

                                                     Alison K.  CU Fitness
                                                     Next Door

"Work was accomplished as stated"  5 Stars

                                                   Friend Walter S.

                                           "Wonderful work!"  5 Stars

                                                  Margaret Hoffman

"Mike Petersen is terrific!  He is quick but thorough and his price was very competitive.  I have
 lots of large windows and difficult to reach skylights.  Mike handled the job with ease and was
 very courteous!"  5 Stars

                                              Anonymous Client
                            Coley Forest Neighborhood, West Raleigh

"We want to inform you of a great company that has been helping us with our window 
cleaning projects for several years:  Clean Avenue Window Cleaning.  We understand 
how difficult it is to find and keep a trustworthy and consistantly on-time tradesman who 
perform in a superior manner at a very reasonable price."   5 Stars

                                    Bill and Karen McWilliams
     Berkshire Hathaway York Simpson Underwood Realty, Raleigh

"They do a great job and are always courteous and professional"  5 Stars

                                                  Leslie B.  Apex

"In January a deal popped up for window washing and since it had been a little while 
(uh, how many years have we lived here? . . .yes I'm ashamed)  since our windows 
had been cleaned, I bought it.  Then time almost got away from me and two weeks 
ago I realized the deal was about to expire.  So I called and Mike was kind enough 
to schedule me for his last slot on the day it expired . . . . impressive!

Communication was so considerate, and upfront about any extra charges.  (ended up 
not having any extra ones . . . . yay!)  He called me the day before to remind me and 
gave me a time period.  Called me before that time began to let me know they were 
running late (which worked out better for me anyway).  Then called again when he 
was about half hour from my house.  Gave me time to get home from work.

The deal I bought included screen removal and that wasn't easy for the two 
gentlemen who showed up.  They worked really hard for about 3 hours and cleaned 
the heck out of the 11 windows we wanted cleaned with a great attitude.  Very 
professional.  Highly recommend!"  5 Stars

                                               Lori R.  Raleigh Yelp

"Clean Avenue Window Cleaning technicians were very professional - arriving on time,
 careful not to harm any of our plants, leaving outdoor furniture etc. as they found it. 
They were focused and not intrusive, but very thoughtful and affordable. Thanks 
so much!"  5 Stars
                                                Art & Linda Poling

"We will always call Michael for our window cleaning needs. He is on time, on schedule,
 works hard and is always kind and pleasant."  5 Stars

                                                    Allen White

"I have worked with many different window cleaning services over the years, both 
professionally and personally.  Michael's quality and value is one of, if not the best 
I have used.  He cleaned the windows at my home as well as at work with the same 
regard for excellence."  5 Stars

                                                  Petsmart, Apex

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