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We understand your frustration of finding and keeping your window cleaning company for years to come, at a reasonable price.  We are hear to crush that problem for you as well as offering you the most meticulously professional services in the triangle.  

We offer our services at homes, restaurants, storefronts, dealerships, professional offices, businesses and institutions three stories and less.  We clean all glass mirrors, stained / leaded glass, ceiling fans, skylights, chandeliers, window sills, tracks, screens (wet wash), light fixtures and storm windows as well as removal of spiders and their webs. Additional services include power washing of homes, building exteriors, decks, fences, driveways and drive-ups as well as seasonal gutter clean-out and roof sweep.  We offer bundles and free estimates for best bang for the buck

"Math Teacher skips school - starts small window cleaning business 1988"

Our family moved to Raleigh in 2010 to enjoy milder winters and a fresh start.  Bumps in our road led to full time employment at a local retailer, but that only fueled my motivation.  CleanAv emerged in 2011, but it wasn't until mid-2017 that I was able to devote full-time efforts to market and grow a business i have loved for many years.

One core principal is that as people matter, relationships (and businesses!) flourish.
Another is that a system followed is a scaleable plan.
Communication is the key that opens any door.
We bring window cleaning to a very affordable luxury while maintaining consistently stellar service.  
Our model promotes a enjoyment of our work, respect for others and being meticulously clean. We give rewards and incentives for high ratings because you are so refreshed by our work and attitude.       

Warning:  We can't be responsible for people who walk into your freshly cleaned window or door :)
Thanks for visiting - we hope to see you soon! We are thankful for the opportunity to Brighten Your Day!

Thanks again,

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